Catering Policies

Catering Policies 

Policies and information are subject to change without prior notification.


Reservations, Room Rental and Deposits

Lodging rooms blocked off for large events must be confirmed at least 120 days prior to the reservation otherwise the rooms will be released to the public.

No Smoking Policy

There is absolutely NO SMOKING in any of the rooms on the property and smoking must be at least 50 feet away from the rooms. There is an additional cleaning fee as a result of smoking.

Catered Events Include

All catering prices include facility rental, linens, plates, silverware and facility set up and cleaning. If you have guests who need place settings, they are counted in the final number regardless of age. There is no charge for children in high chairs. We do not employ “wedding planners”, but we will meet with you and family for up to two hours. If you require additional staff time for planning and decorating there may be additional charges. Please ask for details.

Deposits & Payment

Parties will be expected to pay a $1,000.00 deposit with a second payment 6 months prior to the event and final payment 10 days prior to the event. This price does not include tax, gratuity or beverages. The day of the event a bill will be issued with the remaining balance with any deposits deducted. 

Simon Kenton Inn Service and Ohio Sales Tax

All food and beverage purchases are subject to an 18% service charge. This service charge is in place to cover expenses such as the set-up and break-down of the room and the qualified staff to work the event. There is no other service gratuity added unless specifically requested. All food and beverages served on the property are subject to Ohio State Sales Tax.

Guarantee of Guests

A final guest count is required ten business days prior to an event. If no final guest count is submitted, we will consider the first number given to be the final count. There is a minimum of 150 guests required for Saturdays in Kenton Hall during prime wedding season.

Reductions requests after the final count cannot be accepted. All final counts must be given directly to the event planner. In the event that guest numbers exceed the final count given, Simon Kenton Inn cannot guarantee that your pre-selected menu will be served to all guests; however, we will strive to provide a comparable meal. You will be responsible for paying for all additional attendees.

Any damages incurred to the property during an event will be the responsibility of the event host.

Specific Space Arrangements

The Simon Kenton Inn reserves the right to move your party to a room more appropriate or comparable in space due to an increase or decrease in your guest count. We welcome your input on table arrangements, but there are times when we need to make changes based on logistics and safety requirements.

Outdoor Events

If the weather report three hours prior to the start of the event predicts a fifty percent chance of rain, the Simon Kenton Inn reserves the right to move outdoor events under the pavilion. The final decision will be made no later than three hours prior to the scheduled start of the event.

Menu Selections, Special Diets and Price Changes

We require all parties to pre-select their meal from our catering menu. Arrangements for special dietary substitutions must be made in advance of your event. Your selection is required two weeks prior to your event. Due to fluctuations in various market prices, all prices may change without prior notice. We cannot guarantee a price for more than six months prior to a larger event.

Food Tastings

Our event planner will be happy to arrange a scheduled food tasting and consultation for your event. Contact the Inn for more information. Please keep your tasting to a four-item limit. Tastings are arranged only after an event date has been secured with a deposit and no sooner than three months prior to the event, but six weeks is ideal.


Decorations and centerpieces are to be arranged by the host of the event or their representative and cleared with management. No taper candles of any kind will be allowed, and all candles must be in a flame-retardant holder or wind resistant. Event host is responsible for decorations. Please contact the event planner for more information.

Music and Entertainment

The event planner will gladly offer suggestions and/or assistance in contracting music for your event. All music and entertainment must end by 11:00 p.m. In the interest of being good neighbors, we reserve the right to control excessive noise.

Entertainment vendors are responsible for furnishing their own electric cords and audio/visual equipment. We do supply the electricity. Also, we do reserve the right to instruct the vendor where to set up and plug in due to safety and egress requirements

Lost or Stolen

The Simon Kenton Inn is not responsible for any articles that are left on the property after your event nor are we responsible for the safety of wedding gifts during the event. If safety is a concern, please ask the event planner for suggestions on avoiding theft.


Please advise the event planner of any deliveries for your event. All shipments must be labeled with your event name. Deliveries are accepted 24 hours prior to your event. Cake must be delivered the day of the event.

Outside Vendors

Florists and bakeries should call ahead to be sure that the tables are in place for their delivery and set-up. The Simon Kenton Inn is not responsible for returning said articles to outside rentals. All outside event rentals, decorations and party favors should be removed from the Inn at the end of the event unless other arrangements have been cleared by the event planner.

Alcoholic Beverages

Prior arrangements must be made to have alcoholic beverage service provided in the event room. Under no circumstance will liquor be self-service. Also, no liquor is allowed to be brought onto the property, in accordance with the Simon Kenton Inn liquor license and the State of Ohio liquor laws and regulations. All liquor is to be consumed on the property of the Simon Kenton Inn. No glassware will be allowed outside of the building. The management reserves the right to stop alcohol service for any reason. At no time will minors be allowed to be in the possession of or consume alcohol. Please ask any guests under the age of 30 to have their I.D. available when asked by staff to present it.


In the event of cancellation, the deposit is forfeited.

The last call for liquor service will be at 10:30 p.m. and all drinks will be collected at 11:00 p.m. All guests must be out of the building no later than 11:30 p.m.