The Historic Inn

Restored, Rejuvenated, Rehabilitated.

Carefully upgraded and modernized for complete comfort but with an eye for the original, keeping the theme and best atmosphere that an inn from the early 1800′s could have had.

bb_hdrTheresa Siejack, who bought this historical property in early 2005, had a vision and felt love-at-first-sight for this house and its beautiful land. “In September of 2005, we opened this famous property as the Simon Kenton Inn after specialty contractors and I had worked 7 days a week for 5 months restoring and rehabbing.” says Theresa.

Although no additions were made to the outside or structure of the original house, the entire infrastructure was rebuilt including new plumbing (five bathrooms), new electric, new windows, plaster and paint, and all the original ash wood floors refinished.

“We believe that Simon and Virginia Hunt, the last of the Kenton family members to live here, would be pleased. And, we sincerely hope that we’ve preserved a piece of American History to be enjoyed and admired for many generations to come.”

While much has changed surrounding the old Kenton-Hunt Homestead since Virginia Hunt penned the small book “What Went On Around Here”, very few changes were made to the original structure or detail of the house. [We’ve reprinted her 1958 booklet about her family’s history here on this land.]

Rooms in the Historic Inn:

Simon Kenton Room       Garrett Suite       William Hunt Suite       Rose Room

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